Promo hats are worn for shielding the sun, the rain, for religious reasons and for safety.  They are a powerful symbol for status and fashion.  Hats are instantly visible when worn, making them fantastic for summer promotions.

Our Mindsparkz team frequently uses the De Bono 6 hats thinking method in our brainstorming sessions. Depending on which metaphorical hat you are wearing you brainstorm in different directions.

Below are a selection of hats we can offer to our clients – and their connotations. We will add to this list and can help on any ODM millinery development.

Industry Promo Hats

Chef – Chef’s Hat (Clean)

Promotional Chef Hat

  • Different chefs wear different height of Chef’s Hat, usually made of cotton and polyester.  Chef hat can also be made of Paper. The norm is that the colour is always white.
  • The sweatband attached helps to keep the hat in place and uniquely, is to help the hat retain its shape and size.

Straw Cowboy Hat (Adventurer)

  • Usually worn in spring and felt material in the cooler months.
  • The sweatband attached helps to keep the hat in place and uniquely, is to help the hat retain its shape and size.

Farmers – Straw Hats (Hardworking)

Cheap promotional straw hat

  • Shield farmer from sun or drizzle.
  • Light and durable, made from woven natural straw with metal or plastic rim.
  • Depending on user, can add a chin strap to keep the hat in place.

Firefighter – Fireman Hat (Brave)

Promotional Fireman hat

  • Made of hard durable plastic, for Role play, novelty keepsake, memento, or theme party
  • Light and flexible.

Fisherman – Bucket hat / fishing hat (Casual/relaxing).

Promotional Fisherman hat

  • Soft cotton hat with a wide downwards sloping brim.
  • Usually made from denim or canvas.  2 metal eyelets are commonly placed on each side of the hat to ensure that it is cool to wear on hot days.

Military – Bonnie Hat / Bush Hats (tough)

Promotional item - Bonnie hat

  • Similar to Bucket Hat but with stiffer brim.
  • Normally a fabric tape band of branch loops is sewn around the crown of the hat. This is to hold additional vegetation as camouflage, commonly used by militaries.
  • The strap attached also provides stability.

Police – Hat Terrai Gurkha (Suave/old times)

Promotional Terai Gurkha Old Veteran Hat

  • Made of khaki-coloured felt with a dark blue coloured puggaree wound around the hat with six folds.
  • Always worn with chin strap where the hat is deliberately tilted to the right such that the brim touches the right ear.
  • Uniquely worn by officers of the Gurkha Contingent in Singapore.

Rice Farmers – Conical Hat / Rice hat / Paddy hat / Coolie hat (Simple yet fashionable)

Coolie Rice Farmer hat

  • A simpler style of straw hat.  Good protection from sun and rain as it is made of straw or matting.
  • Conical hat is a recent trend for a one day cricket in Australia.


Other Promo Hat Trends

Promotional Bowler hats Chapeau melon

Bowler Hats – Derby Hats (Classic)

  • Dome-shaped hard Felt hat with a curled small brim
  • Made to protect man’s head, created for an Englishman in the 80’s.
  • Usually worn with suits and overcoat which symbolises male power dressing

Top Hat – Silk hat, Chimney Pot Hat, Cylinder Hat, Stove Pipe Hat (High Class/marriage/races)

Promotional Product Top Hat Haut de Forme

  • A tall, flat-crowned, broad-brimmed worn prior to and in the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Silk, fur, satin, plastic(replica)
  • Colour – Usually Black for nights and white for days

Base Ball hats – (Sporty/outdoors casual)

Baseball hat promotional caps

  • Soft cap with a long, stiffened and curved peak (can also be flat)
  • Attached with velcro or elastic adjuster that make the hat able to fit different sizes.
  • Suited for sports merchandise (Base ball) and a semi practical head gear

See Blog on Manufacturing Baseball Caps

Foldable Hats – (Light)

Foldable promotional hat

  • Made of Polyester, light, handy & little space required to store
  • Able to shield from rain or shine
  • Suitable for all kinds of sports and outdoor events

Party Theme Promo Hats

Santa Hats for Christmas and New Year season:

Promotional Santa Claus Hat

  • Made of velvet, soft and comfortable
  • Suitable for party and holiday seasons
  • Alternative material: Felt and fur
  • Usually made to fit all sizes

Birthday Hats

Promotional Birthday Hat - Promo Hat

  • Tall Sharp Tip paper Birthday hat with elastic string
  • Customized Screen printing design
  • Add-ons, fur top, light plastic ball, etc..
  • Can be made of plastic, felt, etc..

Crown Hats

promotional Paper Crown Hat

  • Made of Gras Paper, Light and avaliable in various coloursl
  • Incude adjustable strap
  • Avaliable in many colours
  • Additional acrylic jewels, etc..

Ethnic Hats

German Alphine Hats

Promotional Alphine hat

  • German style of hats
  • Can be made of Wool, Felt, plastic,
  • Decorated with peacock/pheasant feather, brush or other accessory

Spanish Hat – Sombrero

Spanish Mexican Sombrero Hat

  • Pressed Felt with wide brim, cord band and chin strap
  • Can be decorated with ribbon or band

Fez Hat – Tarboosh

Promotional Fez Hat

  • Comes in the shape of a truncated conered red felt hat, or in the shape of a short cilinder made of kilim fabric
  • Usually with tassles
  • Orginated in Ancient Greece

Egyptian Pharaoh Hat

Promotional Egyptian Hat

  • Usually: black velvet trim with a gold “serpant” on the front.
  • Worn with a short toga tunic for a pharaoh costume
  • Head dress fit for ruler, one size that fits almost all adults

Chinese Hat

Promotional Chinese traditional hat costume

  • Made of satn & usually attached with black braid at the top
  • Worn by chinese in various dynasty
  • Can come with tassles instead of braid

Gypsy Hat – Roman

Promo Gypsy Hat

  • Broad-brimmed hat, usually made of straw or felt and decorated with flowers
  • Made of straw, tied down with a white handkerchief
  • Initially fashionable at the start of the 19th century as outdoor head dress by ladies

Dutch Girl Hat

Promo Witch Dutch Girl hat

  • Usually made of heavy white fabric / straw
  • Tall point top with Heart shape like flaps that could even cover your shoulders
  • Worn with straps tied to avoiding hat falling off

The more economical materials range from thick paper, pvc and foam etc.   New and greener materials such as Bamboo are being used.  These days more electronics and lights etc.. are incorporated in headwear so lots of developments in this industry.    Where better to have a solar charger for example…

Fedora Hats

  • Usually made of straw or laminated plastic
  • Exceptionally trendy thanks to its design
  • Ability to brand on the band


If on any occasion you require replicas or want to include hats and caps for your events ODM has experience on this.

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