Following our previous blog post about Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2012 and the fireless candles, we have also spotted another one-of-a-kind interesting product at the same event.

Hong Kong Lighting Fair: Eco-friendly lamp

Introducing to you, the Eco-friendly lamp! This item can be what you call; when technology meets nature. The basis of the lamp is fixed – there is a lightbulb, stand and, for some, a lamp shade.

The aspect that makes this product so special is that a part of it is made up of wood. The range of wood varies from mango wood to teak and even wax branches. Our favourite design would be the driftwood lamp, the center lamp as seen in the image, because it resembles a hand reaching out to one.

This is a great gift for environmentalists as it does not harm the earth and has a piece of nature incorporated into it. Are you aware that you can make cardboard into furniture as well?

It is also of perfect timing to import these eco-friendly products in preparation for National Tree Week on 27th of November. If you are out of ideas for eco-friendly products for the event, here are some recommendations by ODM; Eco-friendly umbrellas, Green ink, eco-friendly bag seals and Eco bags.

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