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Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2012

Yesterday was the last day of the 4 day long Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2012. This exhibition spans across 2 levels in 8 exhibtion halls and we sent our ODM team to visit the various exhibition booths.

Always on the look out for the latest and interesting trends in every industry, our staff’s trip was not wasted as she found out SMD (Surface mounted device) LED (light-emitting diode) were all the rage now.

Although LED has been in the market for quite some time, this industry has evolved into something rather different. This particular type of bulb emits light when heated. It is not only smaller than but can also last longer than LED.

We also learnt the various components that goes behind making a LED signage. The sign is held together by galvanizised gaskets while the sheets give it its shape. Inside are the LED illuminators, covered by a layer of protective acrylic. On top of the acrylic, you would be able to paint your sign with whichever colour you wish. Viola, here is an acrylic sign!

These minute LED bulbs would be able to illuminate a sign so bright that it can be seen from a distance away. Thus, you usually spot these signage at airports, hotels and departmental stores!

If you think you have missed out on the action during this lighting fair, fret not for this is only the spring edition. There is an autumn edition coming up from 27-30th October 2012. Wait no further and sign up for your entry badge here!

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