Euro Pallets are the preferred method of shipping for many large companies who look to import promotional products.  Many of our Western clients specify them when purchasing from China to make life easier when discharging containers to their warehouses.   Although used a lot, some factories are not used to shipping them.  This blog helps them calculate shipping and packing to fit pallets.

Euro Pallets- essential for exporting promotional products from china!

A Euro Pallet is 120cmx80cmx150cm, therefore its total CBM is 1.44. Because it is a european standard, forwarders can be very particular about the height being exactly 150cm.  You should ensure that you speak to your factory before shipping about euro pallets- this way they can create cartons that can fit the most products on each euro pallet.

Euro Pallets essentially allow customers to ship promotional products direct using a common size known to all. You should speak to your factory or forwarders regarding purchase of Euro Pallets- just for info, on latest ODM orders freight forwarders offered to condition products with Euro Pallets for around 170 RMB ($26 USD) per unit.

Euro Pallets can be made from; Metal, Wood or Plastic. It is dependent on your forwarding budget and type of shipment to your destination country.   For example, using metal euro pallets on a air freight service will increase the cost massively due to the weight, however metal euro pallets can be reused saving on future costs for pallets.

Overall, we do not recommend Euro Pallets for air freight as these really do increase the CBM (volume) of the order and this can result in seriously increased shipping costs.  If needed for air freight, ODM suggest that you choose either plastic or wooden pallets, these have a lower weight, however may not last as long as the metal pallets.

If you would like to save as much money as possible on your air freight, then purchasing Euro Pallets at your destination country could be an option. This can make the process quite complicated, as goods will have to be loaded off standard pallets and on to euro pallets  in your warehouse or a forwarders. This can make a saving on air freights, however can be very hard to find a forwarder that can do this for you at the port.

For sea freight, again wooden pallets will be the cheapest, and we would suggest these to be used as a standard- they can be reused and are the best for the environment!

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