Having a good social media presence has become an increasingly important concern for many companies. A lot of innovative measures has been taken, and we recently spotted this marketing campaign from jeans maker, Denizen. By liking the company page on Facebook, customers will be allowed to rent an umbrella for a small deposit. This was seen in Singapore and the UV protection of the umbrella was highlighted in the description. Despite currently being in the dry season, umbrellas are often used to protect from the sun, making this a useful product for a lot of people. The marketing department of Denizen clearly did their research when launching this campaign.

Good way of increasing your social media presence

Good way of increasing your social media presence

How does this kind of campaign improve social media presence?

One of the most important aspects of having a good social media presence is having a large number of followers. By making customers who want to rent the umbrella like your Facebook page, this will achieve just that. This also increases the likelihood of their friends liking the page. While the umbrellas themselves might have been an expense to your company – the publicity and increased brand awareness gained, means a positive ROI. Marketing campaigns such as this have been beneficial for their social media presence and the company currently has close to a million followers on their Facebook page.

There are also other advantages to this type of marketing campaign. By having your logo printed on the product this will work as a type of advertisement. In turn this will attract new customers, while also increasing customer retention since users will constantly be reminded of your brand whenever using the product.

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