Colouring and drawing are things that kids used to do to pass time when they are young. But as the world advances with new technologies, gone are the days when children only know how to play with their colors. In this new era, kids are the experts in computer games and cell phone applications. So to reignite their childhood memories, Nestle Singapore is offering a free Jumbo Crayon set with every 200ml Milo UHT carton purchase! Instead of offering the latest games, Milo is putting in effort to utilize the old school crayons. So read on to find out more about their children marketing strategy!

Nestle's children marketing - Milo Jumbo Crayon set

Nestle’s children marketing – Milo Jumbo Crayon set

Why Nestle is utilizing crayons in their children marketing?

First of all, in every marketing plan companies have to come up with something unique that leaves a great impact on your potential customers. By utilizing a box of crayons, Nestle is differentiating Milo from all other beverage brands. Children would be curious about this old school coloring material and pester their parents to purchase it.

As such, ridding on children’s pestering power Nestle is able to entice parents to purchase their Milo products. And this is the key reason why Nestle is focusing their promotions in children marketing. Parents today are more than willing to agree to their children’s requests. So with this strategy in mind, Nestle is trying to provoke children’s interest and curiosity in Milo.

In order to fully utilize this gift with purchase, the crayon box is printed with eye-catching designs and Milo’s logo. This allows it to act as a constant reminder that boost brand recall and brand recognition. Thus whenever kids plays with the crayon, they will sub-consciously remember this beverage brand. So the next time round when they accompany their parents to the market, kids might actually make a repurchase of Milo products! As a result, this jumbo crayon set would definitely increase Milo’s sales and revenue.

So what are you waiting for? Incorporate this children marketing strategy into your marketing efforts today!