Children are the easiest consumer to attract. This is because they have a high level of curiosity and interest in everything that they see, touch or hear. As such children marketing have been quite popularly used by food companies like Kellogg’s. This famous cereal brand has been using creative and innovative strategies to provoke the curiosity of their target audience. They frequently utilize marketing products that are peculiar and fun. As such, ODM love to explore their innovative and creative children marketing products.

This time round, Kellogg’s is offering a free magic spoonstraw as a marketing product for one of their popular cereal brands, the coco pops. This magic spoonstraw is flexible, fun, colour changing and interactive. It is an innovative way to attract children’s attention. Besides that since it is such an exclusive product, kids could only get it with the purchase of a box of coco pops. So no dounbt that Kellogg’s sale will improve with such a brilliant children marketing!

Kellogg’s children marketing-Magic spoonstraw

Kellogg’s children marketing-Magic spoonstraw

Why Kellogg is utilizing this children marketing?

First of all, in every marketing plan companies have to come up with something unique that leaves a great impact on your potential customers. By utilizing a magical spoon straw Kellogg is differentiating Coco Pops from all other cereal brands. Children would be curious about this magical and fun product and pester their parents to purchase it.

As such, ridding on children’s pestering power Kellogg is able to entice parents to purchase their Coco pops cereal brand. And this is the key reason why Kellogg is focusing their promotions in children marketing. Parents today are more than willing to agree to their children’s requests. So with this strategy in mind, Kellogg is trying to provoke children’s interest and curiosity in Coco Pops.

Branding this children marketing product allows it to act as a constant reminder that boost brand recall and brand recognition. Thus whenever kids use this magic spoonstraw, they will sub-consciously remember this cereal brand. So the next time round when they accompany their parents to the market, kids might actually make a repurchase of Kellogg products!

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So what are you waiting for? Incorporate this children marketing strategy into your marketing efforts today!