This gift with purchase is an intelligent way of getting your brand out there! With the economy not as good as before, it is crucial for marketing managers to tap on strategic marketing techniques that requires minimum cost with maximum impact. This gift with purchase is able to do just that! All you have to do is purchase anything from Rocaware Evolution Fragrance and you are able to receive this awesome promotional gift!

Get your brand seen everywhere with this gift with purchase!

Get your brand seen everywhere with this gift with purchase!

The free marketing tool above is provided in punch black colour with its branding in simple and sophisticated font showing off the brand in the chest area. That brings out its simplicity and class of this gift with purchase. If you want to go with a more unique and outstanding colour, it would definitely be possible! The fantastic thing about this promotional product is that it can be customized easily to suit the needs of your company’s corporate image. This makes it a favourite for marketing managers.

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A tee shirt is a practical marketing gift to give away. This promo gift is of high utility value as everyone and anyone is able to use it. It is a necessity and something that can be used on a daily basis. This tee shirt allows for free publicity for your brand wherever the consumer wears it. Be it in the train, at school or even at the market. Reach audiences of various places with this gift with purchase.

This would steadily increase brand awareness and enhance the brand image, especially if the material used are of recyclable materials. Seeing an organization use such materials will bring the brand to a positive light and in turn enhance the corporate social responsibility of the organization. With this in place, the company will be better received by the environmental friendly people out there in the market. Ultimately, this giveaway will generate sales due to an increase in brand awareness and its good image.