Spot this pretty tote bag offered by CUTiE Magazine as cover mount gift in the 7-11 convenient store at the Hong Kong MTR Station. Simply top up an additional HKD$40 to be entitled to the promotional gift offered. Hurry up and grab this beautiful tote before it runs out of stock!

Take a look at the cover mount gift offered by CUTiE Magazine!

CUTiE Offers Pretty Tote as Cover Mount Gift!

CUTiE Offers Pretty Tote as Cover Mount Gift!

CUTiE Magazine is a Japanese fashion magazine that markets towards independent girls. The fashion magazine includes a wide array of fashion articles and manga cartoons. There are very little text included with the images and sometimes interview articles.

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Offering Cover Mount Gifts to Boost Sales

CUTiE is now offering a pretty tote bag as cover mount gift for their magazine. Targeted at the women, CUTiE decides to offer something that all women needs, a bag. By offering marketing gifts that your target audience need and want, it can help boost sales greatly. Readers would definitely be willing to top up an additional amount in order to be able to receive the free gift. Even if they do not read your magazines, they may even purchase the magazine to receive the tote bag. Who knows they may end up taking a liking to your magazine and makes repeated purchases!

Offering Attractive Yet Useful Gift

CUTiE has considered offering a good-looking and fashionable tote bag to their readers as cover mount gifts, to attract their attention. People love gifts that are pretty but also practical. The tote bag is definitely useful to women, as majority of them would carry a bag around with them wherever they go. To add on, these tote bags are durable and will not wear off easily.

Using recycled material can also increases consumer’s receptiveness to your gifts offered. It can help increase your company’s image and build a reputation of Corporate Social Responsibility. People would be more willing to purchase such cover mount if they feel that they are actually doing a part to save the earth!


Branding is vital in helping your company to increase brand awareness. By branding your company name and/or logo on to the front of the tote bags, other people would be able to notice your logo. When readers carry these branded promotional gifts out, it is able to act as a free walking advertisement for you. Fret no more and get your very own branded promotional gifts for your consumers soon to help boost sales!