Time to put on your dancing shoes and party! Pringles, a popular potato chip brand is currently offering a disco speaker as their exclusive marketing product of the year. This groovy promotion is initiated in the UK. To redeem these exclusive Pringle speakers, customers will only have to enter 2 batch codes onto Pringles UK website. You can find the codes printed on the bottom of each can. And if you are a foreign Pringles fan, the redemption is still applicable with an additional postage fee. So redeem your free speakers today before 31 December 2013. Today, ODM will tell you how to market a product!

Pringles show companies how to market a product - Disco Speaker

Pringles show companies how to market a product – Disco Speaker

How to market a product?

Pringles has come up with a fantastic idea to market this popular potato chip brand. This disco speaker shapes exactly like a Pringles can. As such, it is a marketing product that literally markets Pringles Potato chips. It is a great way to capture attention as well as to boost their summer sales!

This Pringles speaker has a LED feature that flashes different colors to the beat of the music. It is a fun and interactive product that will definitely be suitable for any celebrations or parties.

How to market a product? This is definitely one of the most sought-after questions! Pringles has utilized the exact shape of their Pringles can to create a strong impact on its target audience. A marketing product like this would definitely improve brand recognition and brand recall. Whenever customers use this Pringles can shape speaker they will be reminded of this potato chip brand. As such, whenever they are craving for potato chips, customers will subconsciously remember Pringles and this entices them to make a purchase. Thus this definitely proves how companies can modify their existing products into a promotional product that has the ability to market its own brand. So if your company is thinking of adopting similar idea, just send us the details of your product and ODM will be more than happy to help you create a promotional product that can literally market your actual product!