Promotional speakers by Pringles

Potato chips brand Pringles is currently conducting  the following summertime promotional campaign. Buy any 4 cans of super stack Pringles to stand a chance to redeem a free promotional speaker.

What we really liked was how this is such a Global Promotional Product Campaign! Click on most International Pringles Websites and you will see that Marketing Managers around the world have bought into this Promo, resulting in excellent Economies to Scale.

The promotional mechanism used is a redemption campaign. Simply mail the receipts for 4 super stack cans of Pringles with a form and wait for the speaker to arrive.

As a promotional tool, the speakers has the unique feature of being able to be fitted over a  used Pringles can, turning it into a mobile speaker; great for parties and other get-together events. This gives a fun twist over other promotional speakers, giving it a higher perceived value among customers, encouraging participation.

In terms of Marketing, as the speakers are fitted over the Pringles can and used outdoors, this Promo serves to advertise Pringles potato chips to other consumers.  It encourages others to purchase in order to redeem such a speaker.

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