It’s good to have your own special mug for drinking tea and coffee, and in this on pack promotion, Davidoff Café have decided to give away a free mug as part of their special coffee promo. Davidoff Café is known for its rich coffee aromas and taste, making this promotion one offer you cannot resist.

Davidoff Café Coffee Promo with Free Mug

Davidoff Café Coffee Promo with Free Mug

What’s great about this coffee promo is that the actual packaging of the coffee jar and the mug is presented in a sleek package to represent the brands quality. The coffee and the promo mug can also be seen through the packaging, making it easier for customers to see what they will be receiving if they purchase.

Many coffee and drinks brands these days have promos to try and stand out in the competition, however how well your brand sells also depends on what you offer and also the design that your promo gift and other products has.

Davidoff Café Coffee Promo with Free Mug.

Davidoff Café Coffee Promo with Free Mug

How can branded mugs be beneficial for your coffee promo?

  • Promo mugs are usually the main endorsement offered to customers by the company, they offer customers the chance to not only in this case, enjoy Davidoff Café ‘s rich coffee, but to also provide a mug to enjoy drinking from.
  • Mugs can be personalised to represent your brand’s slogan, logo, brand ect. This makes them extremely useful in marketing and increasing your brand awareness. Whether they are used at home, at work, or outside, branded mugs will be seen by lots of potential customers, whom if they like, will want one for themselves to try!
  •  Furthermore the mug sticks to the classy appearance presented by Davidoff Café’s coffee promo. Featured with the silver highlighting font on a black background and a very sleek look makes it instantly more appealing.

ODM love coffee, and during breaks is often enjoyed. This new coffee promo mug could be the factor that makes your enjoy the coffee more. If interested in doing this for your next promotional product, contact us today for a quote.

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