What do I mean by small that comes along with big promotional gifts? Estee Lauder is currently offering seven-piece promotional gifts in a pack consisting of a small pouch, a large tote bag and some Estee Lauder sampler products. Simply purchase $35 worth of Estee Lauder skincare or foundation and you are entitled to these promotional gifts! Read on to find out more about this seven piece gift set!

Small that Comes Along with Big Promotional Gifts!

Small that Comes Along with Big Promotional Gifts!

Check out some promotions done by Estee Lauder in the past that helped to boost their sales:

How would these promotional gifts boost sales?

By providing a seven-piece gift set to customers, it would definitely entice them to make purchases with your company. Promotional gifts act as incentive that attracts people to buy products from your company, wouldn’t it be great if you could receive gifts while buying what you need? Furthermore, this gift set consists of many different promotional gifts instead of those normal promotional gifts that are dull and boring.

Estee Lauder targets their female audience by offering promotional gifts that are attractive and useful to them. Tote bags, mini pouch and some Estee Lauder sampler products would definitely be practical and have utility value to them. Bags, pouches and beauty products are definitely essentials in the women’s daily life. By offering such practical promotional gifts, it would be able to attract lots of sales and help boost profits for the company.

Branding Your Promotional Gifts

Branding is crucial in boosting sales for your company in the long run. By simply branding your brand logo on the promotional gifts you offer customers, it could act as free walking advertisement for you! These promotional gifts could help increase brand awareness for your company when users of these tote bags and pouches use them in the public. Others would be able to notice your company logo at one glance. Hurry and get your very own branded promotional gifts for your customers if you have yet to get one!

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