Nutella “Spread the Happy” with a Creative Store Display

Known for offering jars of sweet treats, Nutella has been able to play off fans’ devotion to its chocolaty goodness. For years, the famed hazelnut cocoa spread has been spreading happiness among its consumers with its delightful products. We have recently encountered this chocolate POS display by Nutella, one of the simple yet creative store display ideas we have come across in today’s market.

Creative Store Display Ideas

Creative Store Display Ideas


How Does This Creative Store Display Idea “Spread the Happy”?

Placed at the center of this retail shelf display is the reputable Nutella jar in 3D. Evidently, this branded shelf talker can pique the attention of the strolling customers nearby. It also makes it easier for everyone to locate the products with their distinguishable features.


  • Simplicity At Its Finest

This creative store display idea exhibits simplicity with its POS display branding. Propped up with the brand’s signature colors, it can still catch the eyes of passersby. On top of that, it allows customers to check the products with ease because they are properly and neatly placed at the top of the shelf.


Creative Store Display Ideas

Creative Store Display Ideas


To further entice shoppers, this supermarket POS display idea has these mouthwatering Nutella-inspired recipes on each side. It can create this desire to bring home a jarful of this sweet treat and consequently drive impulse purchases. Who would not love to achieve these comforting breakfast ideas, right?


  • Made From Low-Cost Material

Composed of cardboard material, this POS display idea is achieved at a relatively low cost. It is an ideal and quick way to set up a retail marketing display in the busy retail space. Furthermore, cardboard material offers a lot of opportunities to get creative and customize a store display.


In one of our blogs, we have recently featured Nutella&Go’s plastic hang sell display. This unique retail display idea was spotted at a supermarket in Singapore. It is a simple yet very effective promotion by Ferrero, which is highly functional and very kid-friendly as children do not need to stretch and tiptoe to get one packet.

You can learn more about this promotion for kids by checking out this case study:


Our Takeaways,

The brand’s creative store display ideas continue to “spread the happy” among its customers everywhere they go. Nutella ensures that the POS displays they include in their promotions are simple yet effective in welcoming more shoppers to try their products and bring back existing ones.

On top of that, they prove to the market that they can execute a creative store display idea whilst utilizing a low-cost display material. Ready to make your brand stand out and entice shoppers too? We can totally help you with that!

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Here are other Nutella case studies you don’t want to miss out on:

The well-known chocolate spread maker is increasing its brand presence by offering these exciting gift packs to shoppers at Debenhams UK.


We spotted this sweet GWP offer from Nutella in Vietnam. Nutella’s custom food storage containers are stacked neatly in a mounted POS display. Doing so helped distinguish their promotional products from their regular price items.


Nutella always implements exciting marketing campaigns, amazing POS materials, and gifts with purchase for their promotions. In this particular marketing campaign, the brand has introduced a wonderful GWP offer— a Nutella custom-shaped speaker!


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