Dr. Pierre Ricaud, a French brand selling beauty products, is currently offering a new promotion on its website – A Bag Set.

Promotional Product France - Bags set by Pierre Ricaud

Promotional Product France – Bags set by Pierre Ricaud

This complete set of bags composed of a huge bad, kit bag as well as a small pouch. Don’t you think these 3 bags makes an awesome collection?

Such incentive product is bound to appeal customers and encourage sales order through the website. By offering promotional products, it certainly helps to overcome the challenge of transforming lookers in buyers! Not forgetting, these promotional products could have been branded to raise brand awareness…

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Here’s a few words in French for our French readers :

Dr. Pierre Ricaud est une marque qui a l’habitude d’offrir ce type de produits à ces nouveaux clients. En effet, ces produits permettent de se différencier de la concurrence et donc d’attirer de nouveaux clients.

De plus, ce type d’opération est toujours bénéfique, pas uniquement en termes de chiffre d’affaires, mais aussi en termes d’image de marque!