Here is a promotion from This website is offering opportunities to its customers to win the Make up kit below.

Make up kit by France

This is a very interesting promotion as the website allows people to be eligible for the draw by registering for free, and then request them to have a look at its Make up line.

This type of promotional product is very famous and successful even though it is common. Cosmetics companies usually use promotional products like these as incentives to draw potential customers’ attention and encourage them to make the purchase once they have tried it.

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For our French followers:

Nous avons là une promotion du site internet Jeu-makeup. Après s’être enregistré sur le site, ce dernier vous dirigera sur Make up line, un autre site marchand qui vous proposera sa gamme de produit. Même si ces produits promotionnels sont communs, ils remportent toujours un franc succés grâce à la forte valeur ajoutée de ces derniers.