Promotions involving mugs are common to find as on-pack gifts. People just expect to see them everywhere; therefore, it is not a massive hit anymore. But if you want to still advertise with this product, why not play around with the designs? We can provide a new handle that you may use to make promotional knuckle duster mugs to capture your customer´s attention.

Promotional Knuckle Duster Mugs

Promotional Knuckle Duster Mugs

How Promotional Knuckle Duster Mugs Enable Brand Awareness

These containers are easy to personalize with your logo through heat transfer or decal printing. You can also place them in small gift boxes, which are also customizable and will add value to your promotion.

Brands are always expected to include merchandise that customers will find useful on a daily basis. A mug is a perfect candidate for that as it increases brand exposure and visibility too, aside from fulfilling their necessities. For example, if a coffee brand has these cups during a promotion, imagine how they can stand out in the consumers’ eyes and have them purchase their products often.

The bonus with promotional knuckle duster mugs is that the coffee drinkers can hold their hot beverage without burning their fingers. There are four holes as well so that the chances of mishandling the item and spilling the drink are low.

Promotional Knuckle Duster Mugs

Promotional Knuckle Duster Mugs

If you choose to create these mugs with The ODM Group, our design team – Mindsparkz – can help with the product brainstorming process. They can come up with quirky ideas according to your objectives to make your promotional gifts even more creative and unique.

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