If you’re new at advertising promotional gifts, simply think of Nivea. This brand brings its products literally all over the world, so they definitely have valuable ideas to share. To be honest, in one of their most distinct campaigns in Russia, the products even became redemption gifts.

They set a single rule here: the consumers need to collect stickers that they can exchange for freebies. For 3 stickers, a headband awaits. With 5, the people can get a stylish cosmetic bag. For the maximum number of stickers (7), a promotional tote bag is redeemable.

promotional gifts nivea russia

Promotional Gifts Marketing? See How Nivea Does It In Russia

This marketing strategy is highly favorable for the brand in all areas, of course. Printing and cutting thousands of stickers won’t take days; adding the Nivea logo in the center won’t be difficult either. Aside from that, the customers have to purchase stuff to avail each sticker, which boosts their sales. The advertising products are mostly fabric-made as well; that’s why manufacturing them in bulk won’t be an issue.

Nevertheless, take note of how minimal the designs are in these promotional gifts. It may not bother the brand’s clients as Nivea’s known for their simple branding. For your consumers, however, you can change the appearance of the items.

What enables these promotional gifts to stand out?

  • Useful. Every advertising merchandise that the company created for this campaign suits the customer’s’ needs. The garterized headband can keep hair from getting in the way when they’re washing their faces. The bags can hold toiletries and other personal effects of the owner.
  • Portable. Furthermore, all the marketing gifts are easy to transport. Two out of three products have handles; the tote actually folds down to half its size too. Not to mention, the consumer can either wear the hair piece for fashion or just put it in the pack.
  • Eco-friendly. Nivea’s special offer emphasizes that you don’t need plastic materials to make reasonably priced promotional gifts. They are, in fact, eco-friendly since the items were crafted from various fabrics.

In conclusion, a rewards system is a cool way to marketing your freebies. The customers will concentrate on obtaining stickers, so they may make extra purchases while the campaign’s still on. You’ll just then need to ensure that your promotional gifts will have similar outstanding points as the giveaways from Nivea.

If you’re looking for cost-effective options to make that happen, ODM can assist you with manufacturing in China. Contact us soon to get started. Cheers!

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A case study summary for our Russian followers:

Компания Nivea запускает новую рекламную акцию во многих городах России. Для участия в акции, необходимо купить продукты компании Nivea и собрать наклейки. За 3 наклейки Вам подарят повязку на волосы, за 5 наклеек – стильную дорожную косметичку, в за 7 наклеек – Вы станете обладателем удобной сумки.