Looking for idea how to catch customers eyes when they do shopping? It is a real challenge considering how many competitors there are in the market. In this case the best idea is to stand out with the help of custom POS display which will highlight your brand among others. We like to emphasize advantages of this promotional idea on example of Nivea brand.

Nivea Lip Care Promo - Custom POS Display

Nivea Lip Care Promo – Custom POS Display

Consumers all around the world know Nivea personal care brand. But in order be up to the mark even this global brand need to promote their production. Here we can see the way they advertise Nivea Lip Care. It is a good example to approve that POS Displays are fully custom, in this case advertising stand has a simple design in famous Nivea blue colour. This decision helps to recognise the brand easily.

Why this custom POS display can be a forceful promotional idea for Nivea Lip Care?

  • Additional Customers. Usually custom POS display is the best way to communicate with customer. If your exact product is small and doesn’t have a big branding area as Nivea Lip Care packaging you can post important information on this advertising stand. In this situation Nivea producers decided to add information about product’s properties and positive qualities.
  • Boost our Sales. It is important to notice that this in store display goes beyond the shelf with other products. In this case it is closer to customer and this will increase chance that product will be bought. That’s why advertising stands can be the force of trading and bring you a big profit.
  • Finer Brand Remembrance. As was already mentioned, you can print any kind of information to attract customers. At this situation Nivea also printed photo with happy women, focusing on their target audience. This promo idea makes pleasant impression and motivates to make a purchase.

Here at the ODM Group we have significant experience in sourcing, designing and manufacturing. That’s why you can rely on us for you next marketing campaign. If you are looking for unique idea for your brand please feel free to contact us today.

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