This is an incredibly high-end looking promotional gift which you could potential giveaway to your loyalest customers, or even offer it as a ‘gift with purchase’, which would be a great incentive to purchase your products.

Along with such a high-end promotional gift comes huge potential; why? Because your logo can be engraved into the real wood USB promotional gift box and USB itself, to produce an fantastic looking finish. The storage space on the USB can also be customized to your liking.


High-end Wooden USB Promotional Gift & Box

High-end Wooden USB Promotional Gift & Box

What are the benefits of giving your customers such a high-end promotional gift?

There benefits are endless. Giving such a high-end Wooden USB promotional gift & box either to your customers or as a gift with purchase. Firstly, is the fact that it’s definitely going to increase your brand awareness, as it’s wood, so it’s going to last a very long time, on top of that, your customers are likely to use the USB (which has your logo on) in a number of places, such as at home, at school or at work, which means it has the potential of incredibly high visibility for your brand.

Secondly, a high-end wooden USB promotional product is almost certainly going to cause more customers to come back to your brand and purchase more of your products.

Finally, it increases peoples outlooks on the quality of your brand – if you’re giving away such a high quality wooden USB as a promotional product, then the same as well as other customers will have more faith in the quality of the rest of your products, which in turn is likely to bring in further purchases for your business.

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