This innovative custom promotional product is set to become the latest craze for selfie lovers. On display at the Hong Kong mega show is a high CRI selfie fill light that creates better quality selfies compatible for smartphones, tablets and video camera. Featuring a Long-lasting LED light with easy to mount applications will make a fine addition to any businesses promotional strategy.



Custom Selfie enhancer

This unique product helps make the craze of ‘selfies’ far easier and more effective but will also assist will bringing major benefits to any business wanting to implement these items. The product offers branded space to attach logos that help to increase brand awareness and brand recognition.

Furthermore the item has the potential  for customization, businesses will be able to customised the colour and other features to help generate a unique and differentiated product that will bring about competitive advantage. A custom selfie fill light will stand out and increase your brand image among competitors who opt for standardised promotional items.


These selfie enhancers are sure to become more and more popular in the near future, therefore it offers a great and worthwhile opportunity  for businesses to exploit.

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