Customers are starting to become aware of the environmental impact harmful materials can have on the world. Therefore, now is the time to start creating environmentally friendly products which they’ll not only love, but will help to save the planet too! This promotional eco bag is a great way to gain the attention of these customers.


Why will customers fall in love with this promotional eco bag?


This tough promotional eco bag is able to withstand the wear and tear from daily life. The robust material is water resistant and can also be twisted and tugged and bounce right back! Therefore, even your most heavy-handed customers will be able to enjoy this product for a long time to come. As a result, your customers will want to take it on all of their journeys as a travel bag when they venture abroad as they know it will be reliable. This means you gain brand exposure all over the world which will soon lead to an international consumer base.

Promotional Eco Bag

Promotional Eco Bag- 2641



  • We all know that promotional canvas tote bags and eco-friendly backpacks are incredibly popular. Therefore, promoting this chic paper bag is a novel way to join in on this trend because we have not seen an environmentally friendly duffle bag design before. As a result, this bag will be more desirable to customers because it’s uniqueness sets it apart from the standard options available on the market. Additionally, if you decide to customise this bag with your brand, your customers will advertise your company on their daily trips.
Promotional Eco Bag

Promotional Eco Bag- 2641



  • There are multiple carrying options for this bag which means you can adapt it to best suit your needs when out and about. For example, you can wear it diagonally over your shoulder when running, or even hold it by the carry handle on top while commuting on public transport. As a result, your customers can change the positioning of this bag to meet whatever the situation demands. Therefore, your customers will appreciate the comfort and ease of carrying your duffle on their daily excursions and will encourage their friends to buy one too.
Promotional Eco Bag

Promotional Eco Bag- 2641



  • This bag is has a very generous storage area, meaning there’s plenty of room for all of the daily essentials your customers need. As a result, when they are packing their gym wear, stationary, makeup or whatever else they may need for the day, they’ll think fondly of your company providing them with such a sturdy and functional gift.
Promotional Eco Bag

Promotional Eco Bag- 2641



  • This reusable bag design has been granted ‘Responsible Forestry Certified‘ status by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means this versatile bag is helping to conserve our forests for the generations to come! As a result, you could get potential assistance from environmental support groups or customers who promote this ideal.


Promotional Eco Bag

Promotional Eco Bag- 2641


What complimentary items could be added to your duffle bag promotion?

These solar LED keychains would be the perfect addition to this duffle bag. They could be attached to many areas outside of the bag so they can charge during the day and will help guide your customers through the dark.


These stainless steel flasks go hand in hand with this promotional eco bag because they are reusable. This means less plastic wasted on producing single-use bottles. Additionally, this high-quality product is brilliant for both gym goers and commuters who need a sturdier drink container that can survive some rough treatment from their active lifestyle.


In Conclusion

This product would make for a perfect branded giveaway bag or even as a gift with purchase because it has huge potential branding areas and is made from a high-quality material. Therefore, customers will be delighted by this luxury eco-friendly gift and will broadcast your brand for free when they travel. As a result, you’ll gain international exposure, as well as increasing your local network as your customers tell their friends, family and colleagues about how this multifunctional bag has completely reinvented their commute.


How can ODM help you?

The product code for this promotional eco bag is 2641. Quote this to our team today so we can discuss the next steps with you!

Are you searching for a durable and eco-friendly bag for your next promotion? Look no further than ODM! ODM has a specialised group of designers that will be able to cater to your various needs. Our team will be able to help you every step of the way to ensure the best experience possible so contact ODM today!


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