Blue Dragon Promo

Asian food brand, Blue Dragon had this redemption promotion in the supermarkets. Customers could exchange for a wooden Recipe Binder with 4 empty sauce packs.

Instructions for this promo was simple and clear. Promotion printing on the packaging was eye-catching and attractive. Wise choice of color that contrasts with the original packaging. It is always good to present a picture of the promo gift, making it impossible to miss when customers walked pass the shelves.

Blue Dragon Promotion

We like this promo because it relates to the product. Customers would be able to explore different ways of using the stir fry sauce. Definitely benefiting anyone who decided to buy the sauce pack. The wooden material of the binder also gives the ‘oriental’ feel that would remind recipients of the brand. It is great for long term marketing when placed in kitchens, promoting the brand even after purchase.

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