With christmas season arriving very soon, we have to think about promotional gadgets and promotional product solutions to offer to our clients for such a special occasion. We could do this through the use of USB gadgets which are becoming very trendy at this point in the year and definitely will boost your promotional campaign as we are offering clients an experience as well as exposing our branding.


So what does this promotional gadget actually do and how we can increase our branding?

USB cooler + warmer as a cool gadget

USB cooler + warmer as a cool gadget

Above we can see a visual image of this promo gift. The material of this promotional product is mainly ABS which makes it great for insulation purposes. Each package comes with a usb cable of about 100 cm.

This amazing promotional gadget has the ability to heat up your drinks as well as cool it down in just a matter of minutes. It is connected via USB and can be acquired in low quantities. This promo gift will definitely make your clients remember your brand as it is such a useful product that can be used in a daily basis which guarantees the exposure to the public.

USB warmer + cooler as a cool gadget

USB warmer + cooler as a cool gadget

This promo gift can be CE and RoHS certified under all regulations in the EU.

Boost up your campaigns with the introduction of this promo gift and your corporate branding will definitely increase as people like to receive these kind of cool items and especially in special seasons such as christmas.

Heat it, Cool it but most importantly Enjoy it!


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