Tin boxes have retained great popularity over the years. ODM develop quite a lot of packaging projects using tin containers.

They are great for airtight storage of cookies, tea, etc…  The big print area makes for great logo positioning and for this reason a lot of luxury goods such as Perfume and Spirits companies use option this for packaging.

These are the main processes which will take place in a custom designed tin container:


The client will first give us a brief on how they want a product packaged – budget, materials, etc…  Some will already have artwork of their specifically designed tin box shape.  The client might describe the shape and dimensions of the tin box in detail – if visuals are absent our designers will assist in proposing the best shape and logo methods.

Mould Making

The artwork and drawings will be forwarded to our factory in China – additional designs such as logo, slogans,can be sent later once the body sizing is finalised etc…  Machinery in the factories is configured to create tins of the exact dimension for our clients. A period of 20 -25 days may be required to create the mould.

Sample Making

Given sufficient time and upon the client’s request, a sample of the tin box will be produced for clarification purpose. Designs from the client will be incorporated at this stage. Approximately 10 days is required for the sample to be made with full colour artwork.

If the tin box is to house something fragile clients might want to add a blister tray, foam or other lining/padding.

Mass production

After the client has confirmed and agreed on the sample, mass production can take place. Depending on the complexity of the shape and design (and qty. required), the lead time for manufacturing will vary.

Above are the key steps for creation of the tin boxes. Some steps may be shortened according to the client’s specification for the tins. All relevant costs for the process will be stated before the development stages begin.