Kinder Joy’s has a special offer of promotional toys for the Vietnam market. Customers will get an additional 10%off when they purchase US$100 to US$140 worth of products. Thanks to effective mascot branding, the chocolate brand commands attention right from the get-go.

Mascot Branding

Mascot Branding


What We Love about Kinder Joy Mascot Branding

  • Variety: We love the toys offered by Kinder because they offer a range of designs to choose from. One can tell the characters they portray by looking at the headgear. In addition, the toys are made from plastic and plush fabric. Kinder’s mascot branding is definitely on-point.
Mascot Branding

Mascot Branding

  • Marketing Edge: When we talk about travel retail, we often think of luxury products such as liquors and perfume. However, kids are also a big part of the retail travel market. Leveraging on custom promotional toys or mascots is Kinder Joy’s edge over other competitors.


  • Surprise Factor: Kinder Joy is a popular kiddy snack thanks to its surprise factor. Every chocolate egg has a surprise toy inside. That is why just seeing the egg mascot makes kids imagine all the kinds of free toys they can get from them.


  • Mass Appeal: Who could resist these cute little toys? One of the goals of using mascots is to build an identity that customers can attach to your company. An effective mascot design allows your brand to be easily recognizable even without showing your logo. Kinder Joy jumps off the shelf thanks to their iconic mascots.
Mascot Branding

Mascot Branding



Mascot Branding- How it Helps Build Identity

Mascot branding pertains to the use of mascots unique to a company to market products, ideas, and brand message. It can be an animal, a person, or any fun character that can capture the interest of customers. A brand mascot serves as the face of the brand. And many companies know how powerful brand mascots are for cementing their brand identity.

  • Humanizes Brand: Depending on your chosen character, a brand mascot can make your brand look either personable or professional. Done right, they can serve as the ambassador for your brand.


  • Tells a Story: Mascots are really effective in promoting social causes and events. They add fun at fund-raising events and can even create huge online buzz on social media. When done right, they can convey your brand message at an emotional level. One good example would be Pudsy Bear:


  • Instant Recognition: This is another benefit of having a meaningful brand mascot. Your brand becomes easily recognizable in posters, leaflets, merchandise, and packaging. The more recognizable and relatable the mascot is, the more people become attached to your brand.



Contact ODM

Mascots are indeed an essential part of a company’s marketing strategy. They not only breathe life to your brand identity, but they also help in instilling your message to your target audience effectively.

So, if you think a mascot will help your brand become more recognizable, then contact ODM today. Our in-house designers at Mindsparkz will help you design a unique brand mascot for your company. When it comes to manufacturing plush toys, our team will ensure that the products are made according to the Specs Sheet. Because it involves a lot of testings and sampling, we encourage you to send us an email ahead of time.


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