Paul & Joe is a fashion brand originating from Europe. Purchase any of their products this month and receive a limited edition vintage accessories box! This promotion is only valid while stocks last. Check out the vintage design of the accessories box below!

Vintage Accessories Box - Paul & Joe GWP

Vintage Accessories Box – Paul & Joe GWP

This accessories box is a great to store rings, bracelets or necklaces. Paul & Joe has carefully crafted the beautiful designs of this promotional product with a vintage touch on it. This accessorie box is a very simple product. It can be produced with low cost material.

Paul & Joe has smartly increase the perceived value of this accessories box by coming up with a very classy design. This makes the design looks original.

Why offering accessories box?

This vintage accessories box is a great complementary gift for beauty brands like Paul & Joe. Having a fashionable target market, this makes a perfect promotional gift. It could could be essential for their customers to stores their jewelry.

Besides storing accessories and cosmetics, this gift is useful as a multi-purpose box for other items. It is nice to put items with sentimental value in a nice container like this.

What makes this promotional campaign great?

Paul & Joe Branding on Accessories Box

Vintage Box by Paul&Joe.

The fact that it is a limited edition item has created exclusivity. Besides that, it now has high perceived value. Appearing scarce, this item can spur impulse purchase for Paul & Joe’s products.

Paul & Joe also brand this accessories box on the interior. This enables Paul & Joe to enforce brand recall without destroying the vintage look of the box. Positioning their under the mirror can increase brand awareness as well. When somebody borrow this box to use the mirror, they would inevitably see the brand.

This promotional gift offers great room for advertising as well. Printing your logo does help in marketing your brand. It serves as a constant reminder to your customer.

Now it is time to give our Russian readers a brief summary of this post:

Косметический бренд Paul&Joe невероятно щедр на промо-подарки. Не пропустите возможность получить стильную шкатулку в подарок с каждой покупкой. Такая  эксклюзивная  промо-акция наверняка привлечет большое количество покупателей.