Bracelet is getting more and more popular these days. Olivia, a teenage magazine in Denmark has used it for an on-pack promotion. Take a look at their promotional campaign!

Bracelet GWP by Olivia - Denmark

Bracelet GWP by Olivia – Denmark

Olivia offers their customers a fashionable bracelet in different colors with a gold hanger. Simply buy a copy of Olivia magazine to get this promotional gift. Who would not like to wear a cool and fashionable bracelet? Olivia has done a great job in targeting their market segment – teenage girls.

How can a promotional bracelet affect sales?

A well designed bracelet has high perceived value to teenage girls. Teenage girls are drawn to stylish and trendy items that makes them feel like the most fashionable in the world. This bracelet has the ability to make impulse purchase, which in turn will drive sales.

Besides that, they may use it daily. You can subtly brand it with your logo to enforce brand recall. This may be useful to promote brand awareness as well. It happens when they show it off to their friends. Who knows if their friends will end up buying a copy of Olivia magazine just to get this bracelet. After all, the most important thing for these girls is to follow the trend.

How is it related to your market?

Research shows that teenagers all over the world have similar behaviours. They even have similar taste at times. Teenagers can be a great target market for global brands. Coming up with similar campaign across the region will not pose an issue. Promotional campaign can be designed similarly as the taste of the target market does not vary too much.

Although teenagers may not be your target market, it is good to watch what similar companies are doing in another country. They are great sources to brainstorm for your next promotional campaign.

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