Different brands all over the world use marketing gifts in their promotions to boost their sales. Yesterday we spotted the promo action of this month from Gliss Kur, Russia – buy a special set of products and get a customized bracelet as a free gift with purchase. It’s already proven that gift with purchase is the most reliable way to increase your sales.

Why do we think that the customized bracelet is a brilliant idea?

First of all, the product looks great. As the Gliss Kur brand is aimed on the women’s auditory, it is a great idea to offer them a nice gift, which always stays elegant and trendy. Marketing wise the customized bracelet is a good choice as the product is bright and can attract attention. Important to mention, that it is relatively cheap to produce.

Gliss Kur, Russia: Customized bracelet as a GWP

Gliss Kur, Russia: Customized bracelet as a GWP

How does this promotion can help you to increase your sales?

Gift set. Instead of offering just one product with a special price, offer your clients a set of products. This is a simple marketing trick which easily races the average check of the purchase.

Special packaging. In a marketing way packaging gives you extra space for branding. Make bright and eye catching design to attract more customers and raise your brand awareness.

Gift with purchase. Each of us likes receiving gifts. Nice bracelet with a good design will make your customers feel special and they will feel that you cares about them.

Customized bracelet together with a gift packaging greatly adds perceived value to the product. Customers will think that they receive so much more than they have paid for.

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