Isa Dora cosmetics were developed in Sweden. Isa Dora prides itself on a range of  cosmetics with the highest quality  and product safety, together with latest innovation and vibrant colors.  Isa Dora offers their customers a fashionable bracelet as part of their promotional campaign. With every purchase of $25 or more you will receive a free bracelet. This promo gift is perfect incentive product to offer to Isa Dora’s target audience – ladies of all ages. A bracelet makes an excellent addition to many styles of outfits.

Promo Gift by Isa Dora - Bracelet

Promo Gift by Isa Dora – Bracelet

How can this promo gift improves brand recall?

What if your business caters particularly to women? Since your services and products target women, it is good to use the right promo gifts too. A girl can never have too many bracelets. She might wear a bracelet with your brand on it. ODM feels that Isa Dora could have branded the promo gift with it’s logo to enforce brand recall and to drive sales for the Swedish largest cosmetics and beauty company.

Promo gift can be wonderful item to hand out to customers and potential ones. Imprinting your logo may seem like such a small thing but it is one that offers a great overall impact to your business. There are however many ways to convince your customers that they are getting more for their money without having to slash prices and cut profits. While a perceived value of  promo gift is very high, it is very affordable and can be design for any type of business. Start planning for your promotion now!

Just a couple of words about this promotion in Russian for our local readers:

При покупке продукции косметической компании Isa Dora на сумму 799 рублей и более, Вы получите стильный браслет в подарок. Браслет – это хороший рекламный носитель, поэтому он получил большую популярность при проведении различных промо-акций. Такая эксклюзивная промо-акция наверняка привлечет большое количество покупателей.