Ripples is offering a pair of promotional slippers in Singapore for at least $70 worth of purchase. This promotional slippers are great for wearing them outdoors on a casual day or to the beach on a weekend. The slippers are durable and water-proof. Read on to find out more on how you can use this effectively as a promotional product…

First of all, who is Ripples?

In Singapore, the sale of Ripples flip flops started in February 2005. From four flip flops designs and two local distribution points, they have now twenty over flip flops designs on the shelf and thirty over distribution points, including distribution to departmental stores, tourist hotspots, theme parks, fashion retailers and nail spas.

Today, the popularity of Ripples is reflected not just in the increasing demand of the products. Ripples flip flops is also a popular feature in the local magazines and newspaper. Ripples has also gained increasing popularity overseas, with Ripples’ products available in Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius and Philippines.

Why did they use the promotional slippers as a free gift?

The slippers are a handy footwear which can be easily carried around. It is long-lasting and water-resistant. There is also huge branding surface for the slippers.

Promotional Slippers by Ripples

Promotional Slippers by Ripples

How can the promotional slippers affect sales?

The promotional slippers is branded with Ripples’ logo which will increase brand awareness wherever this slippers is placed. It will attract new customers for Ripples as it facilitates free advertising. This promotional slippers is branded with Ripples logo which will serve as a form of reminder advertising and boost brand recall. It will encourage existing customers to patronise Ripples and make impulse purchases. This will increase sales for Ripples. The slippers also has a high perceived value due to its colourful and unique design. Customers will be driven to spend more in order to redeem the promotional slippers. What do you think of this promotional product?