Haig Club is a brand new Scottish whisky endorsed by iconic football legend, David Beckham. The branded whisky is newly launched and actively promoted. Beckham has been touring worldwide and attending launch events, with most recent visit being to South Korea. Below is a picture of a branded glorifier display by Haig Club in Zhuhai, China.

This is an ideal placement in a bar where it is usually dark. The back-lit lights displaying the word Haig Club will definitely improve visibility of brand name. This increases brand exposure and visibility of the product.


Branded Glorifier by Haig in Zhuhai

Branded Glorifier by Haig in Zhuhai

What are the advantages of using a branded glorifier for marketing?

A branded glorifier that glows with led based lights helps to illuminate your product. It is a form of Point Of Sale (POS) packaging , an alternative to cardbox POS we usually see in shopping malls. Glorifiers as seen above last longer than cardbox because they can be made from wood, metal or high quality plastics.

You can engrave your logo on the glass or mixed metal, making it appear luxurious .The display you had for your drinks will echo your brand identity to customers. It functions as a point of interaction for your customers to see, feel and even taste the product.  The memories will be retained in your customer’s mind after every interaction.

Branded glorifier ensures accessibility in reaching out to customers. You definitely want it to be seen and your brand to be promoted. This results in a call for action to customers in making initial contact with your product.

All in all, the usage of branded glorifiers for drinks has been proven to increase profit and brand awareness. This tool is part of the suggestive selling strategy to encourage unplanned purchase!

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