A Promotional Gift is the best type of gift! Make it a limited edition one, and there is your success. Here is a great example by Paul Lafayet, included in Cathay Pacifics airline travel magazine, utilising a gift with purchase campaign.

Limited Edition Promotional Gifts: Paul Lafayet

Limited Edition Promotional Gifts: Paul Lafayet

Why we like this promotional gift:

  • Limited edition! As mentioned briefly, the use of the term limited rings bells in the perceived value tower. This is a great way in adding value to the original product, whist increasing the likelihood of an impulse purchase.
  • Quality. Paul Lafayet pride upon being a premium Pâtisserie and in turn brand. It is therefore important to provide a product that equals this confidence, and they do not let customers down in that department. The ‘accessory’ as they sanction it is about as quality centered as you can get it, and so it should be.
Limited Edition Promotional Gift: Paul Lafayet

Limited Edition Promotional Gift: Paul Lafayet

  • Design. The accessory cleverly plays on the pâtisserie theme, including chains with cakes macarons added. This not only looks great, but importantly sticks with brand themes further supporting the significant value of the product.
  • Adds to product portfolio. Some brands can get to comfortable with their operations, and forget the importance of change and keeping current. Paul Lafayet make sure not to fall in that trap and continue to add to their product portfolio going over and beyond the food industry that they would be considered to belong to.

Promotional gifts can have a huge impact on your brand too. It is proven to be a huge catalyst in stimulating sales, increasing band awareness and adding to your brands reputation.

Here at ODM we have years of experience in manufacturing promotional products. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can assist with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand.

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