Liquorland, the pacifics finest hub for all alcoholic needs, is where liquor promotional products take their centre stage. Here is a great example of a drinks promotion merged with a gift with purchase campaign, introduced by Liquorland in New Zealand in partnership with Australian beer brewers Coopers.

Liquor Promotional Products: Liquorland with Coopers

Liquor Promotional Products: Liquorland with Coopers

With selected 2.5 litre growlers of supreme craft beer, is gifted this awesome Coopers promotional cap.

One of the main fundamentals when creating any marketing campaign is continuity. If you are a premium brand, it is essential that the product you offer aligns with your overall product portfolio and what your brand stands for. This partnership between Liquorland and Coopers is a great example of this; both proudly offering products of pristine quality.

Similarly both products cleverly share similar themes and pantones. This can be a great tool in further adding value to the offering whilst ensuring its a campaign that oozes class.

How using Liquor Promotional Products campaign can help boost your brand:

  • Increase brand recognition. A happy customer, is a happy business right? Offering products that a potential customer will actually enjoy, and find use of is how to make an effective promotion- this in turn will help build success and crucial recognition via word of mouth and various other social channels.
Liquor Promotional Products: Liquorland with Coopers

Liquor Promotional Products: Liquorland with Coopers

  • Inspire conversation. Hats are a great tool for marketing due to the nature of the product. They are made to be worn and taken around, as such this a very effective way in getting your brand seen by a significant amount of people.
  • Stimulate sales. Using a gift with purchase campaign is a great way to further add value to the initial product on sale, whilst furthering the likelihood of an impulse purchase.

Here at ODM we have years of experience in fabricating in store displays, drinks promotions campaigns and promotional products. Feel free to contact us to learn more about promotional products or let us assist you in coming up with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand.

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