If you went to Macau in spring, you probably saw that the T Galleria, part of the famous Galaxy hotel, is currently doing a promotion for a free hand-printed tote bag. T Galleria are part of the Duty free market, which is one of the biggest malls in Macau.

Hand-Printed Tote Bag for Beauty Promotion - GWP in Macau 1

Hand-Printed Tote Bag for Beauty Promotion – GWP in Macau 1

This promotion had a great advertising campaign, presented on a stand in the centre of the mall. They also advertised them on some FSDU and gave away flyers to the customers in the mall and also in buses. Behind the stand, some bags were hung on an eye-catching pink tree. The colours used are very nice and suitable for a spring promotion.

Hand-Printed Tote Bag for Beauty Promotion - GWP in Macau 2

Hand-Printed Tote Bag for Beauty Promotion – GWP in Macau 2

At the stand, you could see some local artists making customers their own hand-printed tote bag. This is a clever idea as the gift becomes personalised. Indeed, the artists can have the opportunity to show their work whilst the customers have a unique chance to have a hand made customised tote bag.

This hand-printed tote bag is a high-quality product that is not only durable, as it is made out of a strong material, but is also one of a kind. Furthermore, it can be customised with a large range of colours, which is a wonderful idea for a spring campaign offer.

Why offer an Hand-Printed Tote bag as a gift with purchase?

  • Increased Customer Loyalty: A gift with purchase campaign is one of the most powerful ways for making your customers loyal due to the free gift. They will want to be aware of your new products all year long while awaiting new exciting promotions like this GWP.
  • Boost Sales: In order to increase your sales, promoting a custom tote bag, especially a very visual and well designed one,  will entice customers to come have a look at what you are offering. This valuable purchase will encourage more people to explore your other products. Increasing the awareness and purchases from your current range of products.
  • Useful: When offering any type of product it is essential for it to hold and encourage use. Due to this, promotional bags are useful for carrying everyday items on to go or for shopping. Let’s not forget, everybody can ever have enough bags!

If you want more information and are looking at creating a promotional tote bag, please feel free to contact us.

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