This custom jack in the box is one of the most versatile promotional products we’ve come across. They are fully customisable and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The example shown here is beautifully printed with words from ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ by Sam Mcbratney. This custom jack in the box works the same way as a conventional jack in the box. Simply turn the handle, to hear the tune, and wait for the character inside to burst out. We’ve been playing around with this in our office and it continues to make us jump every time!

Custom Jack In The Box

These high quality promotional products are fully custom built and can be modified to suit your company. Meaning the box itself can have anything printed onto it, and the character inside can look however you need. Also, you can even customise the tune that is played as the handle is turned.

What this Custom Jack in The Box could be used for:

  • Custom Retail Merchandise Sell To Your Customers: These would make great merchandise to sell, for a whole range of different companies. Be it a gift shop, toy shop or tourist shop.
  • Free Promo Gift With Purchase: Encourage shoppers to purchase your product by enticing them with an extremely valuable high quality gift.
  • Free Giveaway to Boost Trade Show MarketingBe the envy of every other company with these unique gifts. They are sure to get people talking!
  • A Giveaway Prize: Running a competition is a great way to increase your brands reach. These would make a perfect prize!
  • A company mascot for your office: These look great around the office.
  • A corporate gift for your clients: Show your clients your appreciation by offering them this truly bespoke gift.

Plus many more, the opportunities for this product are endless…

Just look at how different this IT jack in the box is. It goes to show just how customisable the custom jack in the box is. This product would be perfect for any horror film, book or event. The stock tune in these models becomes extremely eery when paired with the creepy blood stained exterior and frightening doll.

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Here at ODM we have a highly skilled team of designers waiting to make your vision a reality. We can create a custom jack in the box that will exceed your expectations.

Why should I consider a Jack in a Box?

It is a really fun product to play with. It also makes a great desk item or home decoration!

What can I give a Jack in a Box as?

You can give it as retail merchandise, giveaway item, promo gift, prize, corporate gift, or your office mascot!

Who or what age group is a Jack in a Box suitable for?

It is suitable for anyone and any age group. You can customise the character and box to whatever you like that suits your customer.


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