As summertime is coming up, people are really looking to improve their fitness levels to look good and fresh for their beach holidays. Brands could raise their brand awareness by including promotional fitbits as giveaways or gift with purchase.

Below we can see what promotional Fitbits look like.

Promotional fitbits to raise your brand awareness

Promotional fitbits to raise your brand awareness

How do promotional Fitbits work to engage people with your corporate brand?

Promotional Fitbits are used as a physical activity tracker and can help you to become more active, eat a more well-rounded diet, sleep better and ultimately, turn you into a healthier human being.

These promotional Fitbits can help raise the awareness and perception of your brand as people will be using these excellent activity trackers during the whole day and it will have an amazing exposure to the public.

Make your target customers engaged with your brand!

In terms of branding your promotional Fitbits, we can look into cheaper and more expensive options. You can look into a silk screen printing method where the set-up costs are relatively low, and still produce a branded product similar to your requests. If you are looking to have a long lasting logo on your product, you could potentially look into embossing the logo. To do this we need to open a mould and therefore the setup fees for this logo option are quite high.

These promotional fitbits can be used in any kind of promotional campaign. Raise the value of your brand by including such practical marketing gifts within your promotions!

Want to raise the perceived value of your marketing gift? Why not include some high end packaging to grab your customer’s attention. We can use transparent window PVC boxes or boxes that come with layers of EVA foam to raise this value of the product. Presentation of promo gifts is really important in this kind of industry as we want to obtain great marketing results at the end of the day!

If you are looking into adding other kinds of marketing gifts within your promotions, you could speak with our design team Mindsparkz for a thorough brainstorm session.

There are cheaper alternatives in the market such as the below:

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