Riwa has put on the market a curling iron that produces fabulous, perfect curls while protecting one’s hair. In an effort to play their part in protecting the environment, this curling iron is made from eco-friendly materials. To add onto these incentives, this curling iron has a Gift with Purchase that is a Branded Felt Bag that protects your beauty tool.

Keep Your Beauty Tools Hot with Customers - Branded Felt Pouch

Keep Your Beauty Tools Hot with Customers – Branded Felt Pouch

What and Why a Gift with Purchase?

Gift with Purchase (GWP) is a popular marketing scheme, wherein customers get an additional item when they buy a certain amount. The idea of customers getting something extra for free adds value to your product. It is a great way to expand your business, instantly attract customers, and enhance the attractiveness of your brand.

Riwa is a perfect example of a Gift with Purchase idea that we love! Keep reading to find out more….

Keep Your Beauty Tools Hot with Customers - Branded Felt Pouch

Keep Your Beauty Tools Hot with Customers – Branded Felt Pouch

2000 Moisture Anion Curling Iron to leave your hair glossy and moisturised with the 4 features of a nut oil coating, feature to use it on dry or wet hair, 5th gear temperature, and a diameter of 33mm. 

Keep Your Beauty Tools Hot with Customers - Branded Felt Pouch

Keep Your Beauty Tools Hot with Customers – Branded Felt Pouch

The Branded Felt Pouch: Environmentally friendly material that is up to 200 degree Celsius temperature resistant and a grade flame-resistant material.

While these features protect your hair from heat damage when curling, Riwa’s branded felt pouch protects your beauty tool. Keeping it as good as new and ready for travel. 

Branded Felt Pouch 

Keep Your Beauty Tools Hot with Customers - Branded Felt Pouch

Keep Your Beauty Tools Hot with Customers – Branded Felt Pouch

This branded felt pouch has many features of its own and it is simply due to the material used. The use of felt makes this pouch high-temperature flame resistant, not only protecting the beauty tool but the user as well. Felt is a natural insulator and very resilient to wear and tear, as well as strong and inexpensive. Pressed felt in this case can be cheap to make, and made into a range of thickness and density. In addition to all that said above, it is a completely biodegradable material making it an exceptional green promotional merchandise. Indeed, the material of your product is super important!


Why should I Offer a Gift with Purchase?

A branded gift like the one above by Riwa can help boost brand awareness and add value to your product in the market. It acts like an incentive and attracts customers to your brand.

Visual Appeal

The sleek dark grey colour of the pouch is kept simple and adds an aesthetic to your product. Higher value is perceived by customers when a product is aesthetically pleasing. It also reinforces your brand image where products are sleek, simple, and have high-end quality.


In particular, you can see that Riwa has imprinted their brand logo onto their branded felt pouch. What’s great about GWPs is that they are easily customisable and your logo can be printed on your own branded felt pouch too. A pouch is flexible in terms of design and style, custom to fit your brand’s seasonal needs.

High-end Quality

Even with the inexpensive material of felt, the design and benefits of the branded felt pouch gives a sense of luxury to the product. With the added benefits of protecting your beauty tools, first customers will love the high-end quality look. Second, your product is protected, lasts longer and therefore your brand will stay long enough with your customers to build customer loyalty.

With the beauty industry being saturated,  a GWP idea is always a great way to stand out from the crowd. 


I want a Branded Felt Pouch or GWP!

Here at ODM we are dedicated to thinking in the best interest for your brand and help you bring the best idea for your brand to life. We are a promotional products agency that curates high quality branded promotional merchandise. We have done a collection of Gift with Purchases globally. With our design, marketing, and merchandising team, we will take you through the process of brainstorming, designing, to manufacturing of your gift. Feel free to contact us at ODM, we’d love to hear from you!


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