Promotional Ideas for upcoming Valentine’s day campaigns. Take a look at this special Valentine’s day promotion by Sauza TequilaThis beautifully decorated promo gift pack can be found in Delhi duty free store, aiming to attract the attention of travelersCustomers could get to enjoy an excellent cocktail set when they buy 2 bottles of tequila.

Sauza Tequila Promotion

The gift pack consists of 2 cocktail glasses and a mixer. Very simple and thoughtful gifts to create little romantic party for couples.  We like the choice of color on the mixer too. By having bright colors, promo gifts can effortlessly gain attention when placed at home even after use.

Promo Gift Recipients get frequent reminders of the brand, thus indirectly increasing sales.    We recommend the brand to have their logo engraved on the glasses to add value to this promo. Not only additional advertising could be created, the attractiveness of the promo could also increase.

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