Nocibé, a chain of stores which sell beauty & perfume products recently offered a really fun promo gift for Mother’s day. Just a heads up to all Thierry Mugler fans, the beauty store was offering samples from Thierry Mugler, as well as case branded with their logo.

Gift with purchase France - Thierry Mugler case by Nocibé

GWP France – Thierry Mugler case by Nocibé

As you can see, this is an attractive promo gift which will certainly be liked by both Nocibé and Thierry Mugler’s customers.

Besides, people are often looking for ideas for mother’s day and this is the perfect promo for the occasion: 3 gifts all for the price of 1!

This campaign also shows Nocibé customers that they have a strong relationship and collaboration with big and well-known companies such as Thierry Mugler.

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Comme vous pouvez le voir : les objets publicitaires,  cadeaux d’affaires et, de manière plus générale, l’ensemble des produits promotionnels sont toujours très efficaces pour une campagne marketing. Ils permettent non seulement à l’entreprise d’augmenter ses ventes mais aussi d’améliorer son image de marque auprès de ses clients.