Standard Paper Lunch bag

Paper lunch bags have been around for quite some time now and are used by many restaurant chains. Some children or office staff take these one-time use paper bags for lunch every day. More sustainable alternatives exist.

According to EPA, each child who brings this type of bag to school on a daily basis generates more than 67 pound of waste in a year. How about changing this habit by switching to a reusable product, thus greatly reducing the quantity of waste?

You can offer clients a large variety of models and styles in different materials for lunch bags. Canvas, cooling neoprene & recycled materials are some of the possibilities offered.

Add to this the capacity to print logos and messages on the large area offered by the bag make this item it a great promotional tool.

Selection - Reusable Promotional Lunch Bags

Just like Boost Juices with their Promo Cups, fast food companies could use the same mechanism.  Make this a PWP promotion and then offer a small discount on all future purchases using these bags..

Everything is customizable, from the color to the  design or the features integrated within the bag. A versatile promotional product which can be great as part of a gift with purchase campaign!

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