Quilt cover sets are comfortable bed covers, a prime location for Sports & Movie Merchandising.  The key Differentiator from other promotional tools is their large printing area and special location within the bedroom.

This allows for the brand to benefit from prolonged exposure in a spot where little advertising is usually present.

Branded Promo Bed Linen

Quilts cover is the large area for logo printing, easy customization of the design and the possibility to move along the perceived-value ladder simply by switching from very basic to more noble materials for the quilts.

Manchester United Promos

Usually sold in sets (quilt cover + pillow covers), this product could make a great addition to a promotional campaign, especially when a younger audience is targeted.

On the right hand side you can see how the Manchester United shop in Macau is retailing such a set.

While mainly directed toward children, some adult fans will undeniably feel the urge to support their favorite team with branded quilts and pillows too.

Quilt sets (or partial sets eg. just pillow cases) can be an ideal promotional gift as part of a new movie release or a sport club membership pack.

Something to keep in mind for your next promotional campaign.