The Hong Kong Jockey Club, with fine race courses in both Happy Valley and Sha Tin, is currently featuring a door gift for its grand finale of the 2010/11 season.  They are also offering 20% off merchandise as an end of season special.

Classy Pen from Jockey Club - Great choice for Door gift

Each entrant is able to receive a classy souvenir pen with an entrance fee of a mere 10HKD. This giveaway may seem simple – however giving away pens means much more for a betting business like the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

By offering a signature Jockey Club pen, the brand is able to ensure that recipients have a pen with them should they ever want to place a bet – an indirect item to generate revenue for them. It is really troublesome if an interested better does not have a pen with them. At the race course, a pen is an essential item for every betting person and no one is going to lend their pen for fear of missing the opportune time to place a bet.

Not to mention, the brand is also providing something tangible for their customers to thank them for their support throughout the whole season and give them something to remember by in preparation for the next season to come..

Check out our very own Pen Fan as well – makes just as great a door gift as well! Great promotional item to beat the heat in the stands while watching races during the summer.