Darlie x G.O.D on shelves of Mannings

Goods of Desire (G.O.D), one of Hong Kong’s premier lifestyle brands, has come up with a brilliant marketing strategy. They are collaborating with many big brands, offering promotional products as gifts to increase its brand exposure.

When G.O.D is offering promotional gifts like these, it is increasing brand awareness with customers coming to know the brand for its oriental HK style designs. By doing so, G.O.D is able to gain attention and stir up enough interest to encourage customers to visit their retail outlets.

This time G.O.D is collaborating with Darlie, household brand for oral healthcare, to come up with two promo mechanisms:

GWP Promo

Simply purchase two Darlie toothpaste and customers are able to get an exclusive graffiti mug designed by G.O.D.

The theme of this collection

We love the design of the mug; this series of prints reminds us of Hong Kong’s lost district culture, which has long disappeared with modernisation. The oriental style brings a sense of nostalgia to the locals who lived during that era.

Great Mug for the Office!

Not to mention, the mug creates synergy with the Darlie brand as recipients are able to use the mug for rinsing while brushing teeth. Alternatively, they also can use the mug as their own personal drinking glass.ODM folks are currently using the mug right now and we just love the retro look it exudes!

The response has been huge so far with many grabbing this limited set for the mug as a form of a memento or keepsake.

Redemption Promo

From now until July 31st, buy a pack of 4 tubes of Darlie regular or whitening toothpaste and bring in the package to either our Causeway Bay or Tsim Sha Tsui stores in order to redeem a Limited Edition cup or bowl designed by G.O.D. as pictured here.

Marilyn Prints definitely add some colours to the famous black & white Darlie mascot

A wonderful retro Andy Warhol style design (famously known as “Marilyn Prints”) of the Darlie mascot which will definitely appeal to many, especially fans of Pop Art.

A great example of success of co-branding. Both brands benefit from this campaign – Darlie having improved sales from its toothpaste and G.O.D having successfully created much buzz with its many retro designs they have been featuring as promotional items. For an innovative brand like G.O.D, we feel that they are definitely on the right track of marketing their products…

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