Like many other brands, Reebok is the official sponsor of a sports event called the Spartan Race. During the race, the brand offered some really nice goodies to the race participants! Read on to find out more!

What is this event and what kind of goodies have been offered?

Do like Reebok: sponsor a race and offer goodies.
Do like Reebok: sponsor a race and offer goodies.

The Spartan Race is the global leader in obstacle racing for almost ten years now! This event occurs almost everywhere in the world. Reebok is the official sponsor for the race and it supplies all the sports material and goodies!

This year at the event, the contestants each received a tote bag full of goodies consisting of a t-shirt, a pen, a sports flask and a barbwire bracelet!

Every item is branded carefully with the Reebok brand name to boost brand recognition. They also serve as a nice reminder of the race: the bracelet made of soft barbwire is the perfect example to illustrate this event.

Why is it nice to give away goodies when you are the official sponsor?

Thanks to the goodies offered during the race, Reebok has managed to increase its brand awareness. It is also a good way to show that the brand has concerns for every kind of sports even the most unconventional ones.

When you receive goodies like that, you will naturally feel closer to the brand; this is one of the main goals of the brand.

The Spartan Race is part of the marketing campaign of Reebok as it is highly cost effective. Offerings goodies like this is pretty cheap but they generate have a massive lasting impact! for your brand! By sponsoring this event, the brand is sure to get a nice visibility around the world!

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Few words for our French-speaking readers:

La Spartan Race est passée il y a quelques temps en France. Cette course d’obstacles est très connue de par le monde. Son principal sponsor est la marque de sport Reebok.

Chaque participant est reparti avec un sac remplit de goodies. Les objets reçus étaient très variés: un bracelet imitation barbelé, un stylo, une gourde et un t-shirt.

Grâce à ce type de partenariat, la marque a développé sa notoriété et ce à moindre coût. Cela a également permis de resserrer les liens être Reebok et ses clients.

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