Tired of getting burned because the dish towel you use to take dishes out of the oven could not protect you from the heat?

Think about Silicone!  Those Silicone Hot Grips have an inventive detail which make them even more useful: thanks to their suction function, they can stick to any smooth surface such as oven glass. Keep them where you need them! On your oven, microwave, fridge etc… anywhere that is convenient for you!

As a promotional gift they are visible to users and also guests in the kitchen and can easily carry a logo. Convenient for any firms in the kitchen business: show your customers you care for their security and welfare!

In retail stores for restaurants and bars, this item has also great chances to become a top seller.  it is the kind of little product which does not look special in apperiance but which can reveal itself as very useful for daily life!

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