To help many factories garner sales and brand recognition, Ho Chi Minh City had their annual Vietnam Trade Fair for the garment and textiles industry in November. Over 30 companies were present at The 18th Intl Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition to showcase their products! The ODM team in Vietnam certainly could not miss this opportunity to network.

Below are some interesting showcases by some garment companies. At first glance, the jackets may look normal and ordinary. However, when shined with light, it glows! Check it out below:

Vietnam Trade Fair

Vietnam Trade Fair: Reflective Jacket

The reflective strip feature ensures safety during the night for both drivers and pedestrians. The increased visibility also enhances the value of the clothing. Moreover, as employees are more easily seen, they will feel more assured of their environment, boosting efficiency.

Vietnam Trade Fair

Reflective Jacket & Cap

At ODM, we also make Custom Reflective Bags that is highly sought after!

Vietnam Trade Fair

Reflective Bag

The brand also offers heat colour changing promotional stickers that are unique and intriguing to watch. You can certainly capture attention with the stickers as a promotional gift or gift with purchase.

Vietnam Trade Fair

Vietnam Trade Fair: Heat Color Change Sticker


Vietnam Trade Fair: Types of Manufacturing Methods

There are many types of printing methods available in the market. And the first type seen was digital screen printing machines displayed by multiple companies. Do check our blog to learn more about the traditional screen printing.

Vietnam Trade Fair

Digital Screen Printing

The second type of manufacturing seen was large sewing machines operating simultaneously on the design. Instead of manual labor that requires a much longer time and work, it is much faster and efficient. This helps to reduce errors sewing designs. It certainly boosts productivity output!

 Vietnam Trade Fair

Sewing Machines


Products Seen in Trade Fair

We saw this mini pouch and thought it was well suited as a premium gift with purchase item! There are many colors to choose from and can contain simple stuff such as car/house keys to coins.

 Vietnam Trade Fair

Mini Pouches

The other two products were a handbag and shoes made from leather. The quality of the material exudes prosperity and elegance. Moreover, it is high-grade. It was then on sale for a reduced price so as to clear inventory for the company.

 Vietnam Trade Fair

Leather HandBag

It was surely a smart tactic to attract the crowd’s attention and raise brand awareness among the sea of brands present.

 Vietnam Trade Fair Leather Shoes

Overall, the team has gained numerous contacts and knowledge of the available factories and companies. The team can for sure build the grounds in Vietnam steadily.

At ODM, we specialize in product designing, custom retail packaging design and manufacturing high-quality promotional products and POS display units.

We can also provide you with design services as our dedicated team of product designers at Mindsparkz will certainly help you with product brainstorming session. Send us an inquiry today!


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