If you are looking to create your own custom bottles for your perfume products or drinks, it’s crucial to work with a reputable bottle factory. Manufacturing custom bottles for your business is now easier more than ever, thanks to marketing and manufacturing companies such as The ODM Group, who can help you source and manufacture promotional products, promotional product packaging, and marketing devices at a pocket-friendly price.

Today we will be looking at the benefits of manufacturing custom bottles for your business. We will use Calvin Klein as an example.



We chanced upon these Calvin Klein classy custom POS display and products at a mall and we love the whole set up. But what we like the most is their custom perfume bottles. One can see how their manufacturer and design team had worked hard to achieve a design that suits their image.

What do we like about CK’s Custom Perfume Bottle?

Simple: Less is more- that’s what Calvin Klein proved to us. The small rectangular glass bottle is without other distinctive markings save for its branding. Since minimalism is trending in fashion and design, this simple bottle shows that they stay updated with the latest design trends.

Projects Quality: Calvin Klein’s women perfume is custom made to suit the image of the product line. Made of glass, their perfume bottle alludes class and quality.


custom made perfume bottles

Calvin Klein Women’s custom made perfume bottles

Subtle Rose Color: Because it’s made of glass, customers can see the color of the content. The subtle rose color and the shiny texture adds a delicate and feminine appeal.


Manufacturing Custom Bottles: The Advantages

These Calvin Klein perfume bottles are made using a popular technique called glass blow molding. It is ideal for perfume bottles that have narrow necks.

In this process, lumps of heated glass are put in a molding machine. Air is then blown into the melted glass to form the hollow, neck, and shape of the bottle.

Advantages of glass blow molding:

  • Speed– Blow molding uses specialized machines that can mass produce up to 15,000 pieces per hour. This is ideal for global brands such as Calvin Klein that needs fast and high production volume.
  • Smooth Surface- This technique gives bottles an even and smooth finish.
  • Custom Shapes– Using different moulds, manufacturers can produce bottles of different shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of their clients.


CK’s POS display: Why It’s a Good Retail Display

Aside from the custom bottles, we noticed their beautiful perfume POS display. Calvin Klein’s display stand represents luxury and class. This free standing display features a combination of materials: gloss piano black finish shelving and acrylic for the smaller counter display to complement their perfume.

As you can see on the second picture, there are paper testers on the side. This allows customers to smell and test the perfume by spraying it onto the paper. And we like this brand activation technique because it gives customers first-hand information about the product, allowing them to make wise buying decisions.

The use of video POS display is also a good move. An audio-visual presentation can help present the benefits and other important features that posters and other 2D displays can’t show.

We also love how the shelves are custom fit so that the boxes fit really well.


Our Takeaway…

Calvin Klein’s beautiful custom perfume bottles exude class and quality. Also, the use of a custom POS display with LED display and testers improved customer’s shopping experience.

So, if you need help manufacturing custom bottles for your products, don’t hesitate to contact The ODM Group. Our team specializes in making custom promotional merchandise, custom branded packaging, as well as POP and POP displays. Click inquire today to get in touch to find out more.


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