Looking to do a Guerilla Marketing Promotion? How about this cheeky promo to target younger crowds at sports/music and other events….

Have you ever been frustrated by having to throw your drink away because the game is about to start and external drinks are not allowed inside a stadium? Sure you can simply buy another one in the stadium but they are usually 4 to 5 times the price.  Give your clients this solution by ODM.

Even if you are not sneaking drinks past security, some of these items have high novelty factor for everyday transport.   Have a look at this beer cocktail blog.   These flasks would make excellent Bottle Neckers or Gifts with Purchase

Hip Flask Key chain: Simple yet efficient, a small key chain flask attached to your key set.   Few people will actually check what is inside since this is a very small container.

This product can be engraved or printed with your logo, branding, message, etc.


Cell Phone Hip Flask is another potential idea. Shaped like a regular cell phone, this flask might pass undetected through stadium security entrance.

Another witty way sure to get some of your favorite alcohol inside any sport event.

Golf Shaped Cooler Bag is the cooler bag you need if, going to watch a tournament or while playing a golf’s game, you would like to keep refreshment cold and ready to drink.

A great idea to remain stealthy yet refreshed.


Binocular Hip Flask is yet another potential disguise for those of you transporting larger quantities of liquid. With its large capacity you can be sure to raise your glass to the health of those around you.


Book Flasks are another option at your disposal. These are frequently branded as “the good book” or as a bible to overtly show the pious nature of the carrier.  Although the pick for the book covering the flask must be wise. Chances are that a philosophical essay will more certainly catch the attention of people checking you out at the entrance.  This method allows you to bring a whole flask inside the arena!

This allows for some great branding on the book cover and inside pages if you are giving these away.

Inflatable Style Pouches also work for smuggling booze.  Customizable floppy flasks can be carried around your belt while going to the stadium.   These are interesting because the shape, colour & printing can be quite unique and the bendy nature allows these flasks to contour to your bag, clothing etc..

Now all you have to do is either buy some of your favorite mixers and empty your flask in the cup or simply enjoy the game with your favorite drink next to you. A definite winner for those willing to save big while still enjoying their favorite sports events at the heart of the action.

The team at ODM remain at your disposal if you have any request or comments.   Whilst we do not condone smuggling booze around we do like the funky Promotional Products which can be adapted to target those with a wild side – those who will be sure to be overt in their promoting of your brand.