At any exciting game,  one looks forward to having a great time cheering for the home team and rooting for their favorite players. Wouldn’t it be double the fun if there are additional incentives at the game? This year, the Toronto baseball team, Blue Jays decided to give away different attractive gifts to fans at the start of every game.

Promo Giveaways at Blue Jays Game

To increase the exclusivity, these gifts will only be given to certain numbers of early birds at the game. Fans will have to grab these goodies quickly before they run out. We really like this promotion strategy as it creates hype and excitement even before the game starts. The promo gifts include Rally Towels, Magnetic Schedule, Brandon Morrow, Ricky Romero & Yunel Escoba bobble head, team cards fan T-shirts, caps and helmets.

What an effective way of marketing when you can promote the team and reward your fans at the same time!

Alex Rios Bobblehead

To give you an idea of what the gifts look like, let us show you what Blue Jays gave away in the previous years… 

Team Players Bobble Heads

Here you see Alex Rios bobble head which most fans still treasure after 2 years. Not only a great souvenir but also a beautiful decoration for home or office. When in display, it creates free advertisement for both the sponsor and Blue Jays.

Blue Jays Team Cards

Promo Blue Jays Card

Another fantastic gift for fans, these cards are great collectibles. Exchange among friends or simply keep it for the sake of memory. These cards work well as promo gifts with any sports, from baseball, basketball to football. Remind the fans to support the team or players each time they see the cards.

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